Biomage Single-cell Pipeline

Our product works with most mainstream genetic sequencing technologies, including 10x Chromium, SMART-Seq, and Illumina inDrop.

Your data is stored securely in the cloud and can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime.

Interactive data analysis

Gain an intuitive high-level view of biological systems quickly and easily.

Our pipeline allows you to easily visualise gene activity of individual cells. You can then use this information to interactively create plots, cluster cells by genetic signatures and more, allowing you to gain insight into the behavior of large cell populations.

Deep biological questions

Single-cell mRNA-sequencing empowers researchers to gain unprecedented insight into the cellular heterogeneity of complex biological systems. However, almost all pipelines fail to take advantage of the full power of the technology.

The Biomage Single-cell Pipeline makes it possible to analyze your data sets on the level of the individual mRNA molecules identified by the sequencer: in bulk, for each read, or on a cell-by-cell basis.

This level of detail means we are able to analyze biological signals that are missed by other commercial products, such as polyadenylation, alternative splicing, RNA velocity, RNA editing, and much more. We take away technical difficulties and bring answers to your deep biological questions.

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